Surpeg Auger Drill


A new drill system to ease and improve the installation of pegs into very hard ground.

Save time, save costs, and achieve a professional result

The pre-drilled pilot hole prevents peg bar bounce and recoil, and provides better peg orientation and placement accuracy.


The Surpeg Auger Drill is available now in one size 40 x 450mm from your Surpeg distributor. Price per unit $30 each.

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Auger Drilling a Peg Hole Into Hard Soil or Clay

  1. The Surpeg auger unit fits a standard cordless drill.
  2. Install the Auger into the drill then place the auger point exactly where you wish to make the hole. You will need to adjust the drill clutch setting so in the event of the auger striking a stone or obstruction it will slip preventing the drill from twisting or grabbing violently.
  3. Check your vertical entry angle is correct then standing over the cordless drill push down in 50 – 60mm bites at a time then immediately lift drill up then repeat, it is a short push then lift process until reaching optimum depth.
  4. Pull the Auger out regularly and tap to remove the soil from the thread and clean the hole.
  5. If the auger is not lifted every 50 – 60 mm the thread may catch and wind the auger hard into the ground, grabbing and twisting the drill, in this situation the drill may need to be put into reverse to get the auger out of the ground.
  6. If you strike a stone or obstruction whilst drilling remove the auger drill and use a peg bar handle or crowbar in the hole to lever the stone out of the way.
  7. In some situations, you may need to shorten the peg with a hand saw due to rock or a solid obstruction. This action can be notified as a shortened peg in your report.
  8. Place the peg into the hole, orientate it, then hammer to the required depth.

We are interested to hear how you get on with this process and are keen to receive your feedback.

About Surpeg

Bringing together my expertise in plastics engineering and in-the-field experience with a surveying company, I identified the need for a robust alternative to the timber boundary peg. A ground breaking design providing New Zealand’s first plastic surveyors peg, achieving approval from the NZ Surveyor General and LINZ and available since 2006.

Gregar Haycock

CEO, Surpeg

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