1. Orders

The order shall be deemed to be final. Customers are advised to check orders as good are not returnable.
All prices are exclusive of GST.

2. Terms of Payment

Unless otherwise agreed, payment of all accounts are due in full on or before the 20th of the month following delivery, payable to Cimplas Ltd. Ownership of the product remains with Wellfound Ltd until payment is made in full.

3. Suitability of Goods

Goods are only suitable for those purposes stated on the website. Any faulty product will be replaced free of charge.

Surpeg is Design Registered and Copyrighted and is the sole property of Surpeg Ltd.

About Surpeg

Bringing together my expertise in plastics engineering and in-the-field experience with a surveying company, I identified the need for a robust alternative to the timber boundary peg. A ground breaking design providing New Zealand’s first plastic surveyors peg, achieving approval from the NZ Surveyor General and LINZ and available since 2006.

Gregar Haycock

CEO, Surpeg

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